The faces behind RSC!

por Ryan Williams en July 18, 2021

Nobody has asked us yet...but someday someone may ask "Who are you people?!?"  And what are you doing in my house?"  But seriously folks we are the faces of Revolution Soap Company (RSC).

This is me (Ryan) I got the idea for RSC after my wife Melanie ordered some handcrafted soap online.  I was so blown away by the idea and the craft of natural soap that I immediately started researching, learning and really digging in to learning everything about the science and the art behind it.  The further i dug the more interested i got.  I knew immediately this was something i wanted to try.  I thought it might just be a hobby at first.  But after giving away samples to friends and family the feedback I got propelled me into doing this as a business.  I love creating and designing soaps!  I love the ideas we have going forward on how to grow this business and add new products.  We have so much going on and we will share them with you when the time comes. 

So much that we do revolves around music.  Our company name itself is a tribute to the Beatles.  And all of our Collections and products carry the names of some of our favorite songs.  Some of you may be reading this and finding that out for the first time.  My favorite bands both growing up (and now) are The Cure, New Order, Oingo Boingo, Red Hot Chili Peppers and so many more.  You will notice some that are familiar in the names of our products. :-)

This is my wife Melanie.  She's the real brains behind the operation.  She was my inspiration to get started and she's been my cheerleader throughout this whole journey.  She's my website tester, Social Media guru, Photographer and helper outer with anything and everything I need. 

While I was the "New wave" kid Melanie is much more rooted in rock.  Amongst her favorites old and new are Alice Cooper, Silversun Pickups, Mötley Crüe, PVRIS and Amy Winehouse.



This is Kip!  He's my brother and "adopted" son of Melanie.  Kip helps me boxing up the soaps and getting packages ready for shipping.  And although he hasn't done it yet he's also our soap model.  :-) Kip is also our entertainment on most days.  Most people know this about Kip.  Days are just better with him around.

Kip's favorite bands are the Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elvis and wait for it...The Brady Bunch.  :-)

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