Relax - Revolution Soap Company
Relax - Revolution Soap Company
Relax - Revolution Soap Company
Relax - Revolution Soap Company


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      Indulge in pure relaxation with our "Relax" handcrafted soap with refreshing cucumbers and luscious melons.  The soap's gentle exfoliation with natural poppy seeds leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and velvety smooth. Created with utmost care and using premium ingredients, "Relax" offers a luxurious bathing experience that calms the mind and nourishes the body.  Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate pampering with "Relax" soap.

      Exfoliation: Mild: Poppy Seeds

      Did You Know? Not only are poppy seeds a versatile ingredient in cooking and baking, but they are also a nutritionally dense little seed. Poppy seeds are rich in fiber, essential omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, thiamin, folate, and zinc. Used in higher doses, some studies suggest unwashed poppy seeds added to tea have eased anxiety and promoted sleep.

      Weight: Approximately 5 oz. Please note that our Handcrafted Soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary slightly.

      Ingredients: All of our soaps are crafted old-school style in a traditional, cold process method with a base of organic sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, and rich pure olive oil.

      Our soaps have amazing lather!  The rich plant oils and natural butters give them great conditioning properties. Our soaps retain the natural glycerin that forms when the soap is being made, which means a milder, more moisturizing lather on your skin.

      If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.